Paradise Jet Boating


per person
Duration: 1 Nights
Destination: Gold Coast, QLD
Region: Australia
Deal Code: PA11ZTMZ




Experience Paradise Jet Boating’s premium “Broadwater Adventure” ride - 360° spins, high-speed drifting, power slides, beach-buzzing and other exciting maneuvers through the beautiful waterways…. it’s 55 minutes of ‘full-on’ fun and adventure mixed with wonderful scenery and sightseeing


Premium Broadwater Adventure – Ride 1

* Providing the longest Jet Boat rides on the Gold Coast: faster boats + more thrills & excitement + over 35km of spectacular scenery = AMAZING VALUE.

* The only adventure ride accessing Moreton Bay Marine Park with the magic of wild dolphin spotting and Sovereign Island’s amazing waterfront mansions.

* Suitable for children from only 4 years old, this is a 'must-do' activity for the whole family. 

* When other rides reach Wavebreak Island and turn for home, the fun of our “Broadwater Adventure” is just beginning....and continues on for another 30km!!!

Duration: 55 mins.  Operates daily from 10am – 3pm 

Save up to 7%  

 From $67 per adult  

From $50 per child

From $185 per family (2A+2C 4-14yrs)




Express Ride – Ride 3

 * Time or budget constraints? This is the perfect jet boating option for you.

* 30 minutes & 20 kilometres Jet-Blast.  Departing directly into the Broadwater at Main Beach, no time wasted in the 6knot zone!

* Experience a quick repertoire of jet boat spins and slides through the Southern Broadwater around Wavebreak Island. 

Departure times vary from day to day and are subject to availability.  

Save up to 7% 

From $55 per adult

From $39 per child (4-14yrs)



Premium Ride + “Beers on the Deck”

* Combine our Premium Broadwater Adventure 55-minute jetboat ride with a relaxing beverage on the deck overlooking the Marina. Choose from a FREE schooner or glass of wine at the famous Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern.

Departure times vary from day to day and are subject to availability. 

Save up to 7%

From $63 per adult



Jetboat + iFLY indoor Skydive

* 55min Jetboat Ride, then get ready to fly!  iFLY Indoor Skydiving is the latest, most exhilarating, involving and rewarding activity imaginable – just step into the wind tunnel and you're lifted into flight on a cushion of air.

* Includes iFLY intro package which is 2 flights 

Duration: 55 mins.  Operates daily from 10am – 3pm. Subject to availability

From $119 per adult

From $101 per child (4-14yrs)

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