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Duration: 15 Nights
Destination: Antarctica
Region: Antarctica
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Your holiday package includes

  • $2000 air credit per person
  • 4 nights accommodation in Santiago
  • Cajon del Maipo - Full-Day Tour
  • Maipo Vineyards Full-Day Tour
  • Flight from Santiago to Puerto Williams
  • 10 night Antarctica cruise onboard Silver Wind, Puerto Williams return
  • Includes gourmet restaurant dining, beverages in-suite and throughout the ship
  • Butler service, unlimited free wifi plus more
  • Flight from Puerto Williams to Santiago
  • 1 night accommodation in Santiago
  • Private transfers throughout

***Rate based on twin share for travel 18 February to 4 March 2024.***

Day 1: Puerto Williams, Chile
Puerto Williams is a Chilean city located on Navarino Island on the southern shores of the Beagle Channel. It claims to be the “southernmost city in the world”, however owing to its small size – 2500 residents approximately – the much larger Argentinean city of Ushuaia, which sits on the northern side of the same channel, also claims that title. The surrounding scenery is magnificent. The wild windswept mountains rise above the tree line and are regularly dusted with snow. The city itself has the dramatic backdrop called “Dientes de Navarino” (literally “teeth of Navarino”), which rival the famous Torres del Paine further to the north. The area was originally used by the Yaghan people, hunter-gatherers who despite enduring the harsh regional climate, could not weather the arrival of Europeans. The current city was established as a naval base in 1953 and honours the British-Chilean naval commander John Williams Wilson of the 16th century. Initially it served to protect territorial possessions and fishing rights of the area, as well as offering logistical support to Antarctic bases. More recently it has become a departure point for scientific and tourism trips to the Antarctic region. In contrast to the bustle and traffic of a very commercial Ushuaia, Puerto Williams offers a quieter, more relaxed experience. It charms the visitor with a small village feel, complete with rustic buildings and the homely smell of drifting wood smoke. A haven of peace at the end of the world.

Day 2 to 3: Drake Passage
Sailing the legendary Drake Passage is an experience that few are ever lucky enough to experience. The southern tip of the Americas already feels like a wild enough environment – but the sensation of watching the distant cliffs of the peninsular known as the ‘End of the World’ fade into the horizon, is one that’s equal parts epic, eerie and magical. Set sail, to slowly drop off the bottom of the map from Cape Horn, and voyage on an expedition down into the icy underworld of Antarctica. Drake Passage is an extraordinary voyage of romantic ocean faring legend, as you aim for Antarctica’s icy realm. On arrival, skyscraper sized icebergs salute you, as you traverse the waters of this continent where snow and ice dwelling creatures like penguins and whales roam undisturbed. Your first sight of this most-unexplored place will most likely be the South Shetland Islands. Walk in the footsteps of some of history’s greatest and bravest explorers as you explore famed, snow-covered landmasses like Elephant and Deception Island. If the journey across Drake Passage sounds daunting, don’t worry – even in rough seas you’re never alone, and will often be accompanied on this spine-tingling adventure by soaring albatrosses and maybe even a protective pod of humpbacks and hourglass dolphins or two. Converging warm and cool ocean currents attract some spectacular animal life to the passage. If this is your first visit to this magical continent, you’ll also want to familiarise yourself with our blog for first timers to Antarctica.

Day 4: Antarctic Sound
 Few voyages ignite the imagination like a journey down to one of the planet’s most remote, extreme and enchanting wilderness, Antarctica. An adventure in its purest form, only a handful of people will ever be lucky enough to experience the majestic beauty of these monochrome landscapes first-hand. The Antarctic Sound will be one of your first encounters of this whitewash kingdom, located at the northerly tip of the Antarctic Peninsula - which sprawls up like a tentacle towards Tierra del Fuego, South America’s most southerly point, otherwise known as the ‘End of the World’. Taking its name from the first ship to brave the passageway between the peninsular and the Joinville Island groups back in 1902, the Sound is a raw, sensory assault of imposing iceberg slabs, broken away from the disintegrating Larsen Ice Shelf. Come face-to-face with stadium-sized islands of ice and meet the extraordinary birdlife that call this whitewash kingdom home. Watch on, as colonies of Gentoo penguins hop around, and cape petrels sweep overhead, as the continent’s unique wildlife thrives around you. If you’re planning your first venture into Antarctica, you’ll want to brush up on your photography skills in advance, to capture this unforgiving continent in all of its unrestrained glory. Read our blog for tips on how to ensure that your photos do justice to the adventure of a lifetime.
3 Included Shore Excursions: Zodiac Cruise with Silversea Expedition team > Hiking with Silversea Expedition team > Kayaking with Silversea Expedition team

Day 5 to 7: Antarctic Peninsula
The Antarctic Peninsula unravels upwards towards South America, reaching out a beckoning finger to the adventurous, who dare to explore this untamed realm. Stretching up from the heart of the world’s southernmost continent, the Antarctic Peninsula lies a mere 620 mile from Tierra del Fuego and, for many, offers a spectacular first taste of the snow-blanketed landscapes and colossal ice sculptures, which make up Earth’s least-explored continent. Unseen by humans until 1820 - a blink of an eye ago in relative terms - this is an adventure sure to make your hairs stand on end, as you experience the thrill of the truly unknown and extraordinary. The vast peninsula is sprinkled with research bases, which are at the frontline of human scientific endeavour, pushing to study and understand this unique landscape, its exceptional wildlife, and the impact that humans are having on this pristine continent. Witness cathedral-sized icebergs up close, and blue-hued glaciers, slowly slipping from imposing locations like Hope Bay. Blanched mountain peaks cover the peninsula, and you’ll find thousands of adorable Adelie penguin pairs thriving undisturbed in this peninsula’s unique setting.
3 Included Shore Excursions: Zodiac Cruise with Silversea Expedition team > Hiking with Silversea Expedition team > Kayaking with Silversea Expedition team

Day 8: South Shetland Islands
The ice-coated Antarctic Peninsula forms perhaps the most accessible region of mainland Antarctica, lying a mere 480-miles away from South America, across the fabled waters of Drakes Passage. Lying close to the northwestern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, separated by the Bransfield Strait, the South Shetland Islands fall under the jurisdiction of the Antarctic Treaty, suspending claims on their sovereignty. Several countries maintain research bases here, and with plump elephant seals, and crowds of Gentoo, Chinstrap and Adelie Penguins also calling the islands home, it can even feel a little crowded at times. King George Island is the largest and most hospitable island, hosting the majority of the research stations - some of which are populated all-year-round by tiny, hardy crews. Don’t be fooled though, these islands offer extraordinary adventure in one of the most remote locations on earth. The triple peaks of Mount Foster tower above the archipelago, and you’ll feel your heart pumping a little quicker, as you sail into the core of Deception Island’s magnificent collapsed volcano caldera. Hike the luna landscapes within, and even dip into the improbably warm, geothermally-heated waters of Pendulum Cove. Elephant Island, meanwhile, is written deep into the annals of Antarctic expedition legend, as the site where Ernest Shackleton and the stricken crew of the Endurance miraculously survived a harsh Antarctic winter, in 1916. Discover even more reasons to visit this incredible icy kingdom and find out why many consider the South Shetland Islands to be the jewel in Antarctica’s Crown, by reading our blog.
1 Included Shore Excursion: Zodiac Cruise with Silversea Expedition team

Day 9: Drake Passage

Day 10: Cruising Cape Horn
In the past, no two words conjured up more fear to sailors than Cape Horn. With its reputation of ferocious storms and mountainous seas it was a place where a seafarer garnered respect for bravery against the odds. That is, if he lived to tell the tale (he also got to wear a gold hoop ear-ring and dine with one foot up on the table).
The Cape itself is the rugged insular tip of South America that projects into the storm-swept Drake Passage. The Dutch sailor Willem Schouten and merchant Jacob Le Maire, both from the town of Hoorn (hence Cape Horn), put it on the map in 1616 when attempting to circumvent the trade monopoly exercised by the Dutch East India Company over the Straits of Magellan.
Once an unavoidable physical gateway to adventure and commerce in the Pacific Ocean, Cape Horn nowadays has more of a spiritual attraction, drawing intrepid travellers to pay homage to the brave sailors who, by necessity, attempted to pass this wild and inhospitable headland.
During clear weather, when the island is free from the frequent icy squalls that batter its shores, a 7-metre (23 feet) high steel monument can be seen standing about 1.5 kilometres (1 mile) away from the true cape, near the Chilean navy station. It depicts the silhouette of an albatross, a bird that is said to carry the souls of those sailors who perished “rounding the Horn”. With that in mind, consider yourself lucky to confront the Horn on a luxury Expedition cruise ship rather than from the wave-washed and perilous deck of a windjammer.

Day 11: Puerto Williams
Transfer to the airport for your flit back to Santiago.

Cajon del Maipo - Full-Day Tour
On this full-day guided tour, visit the Cajon del Maipo area, which is located in the southeast part of the city of Santiago, famous for its hills, massifs, estuaries and rivers. This tour is ideal for ecotourism lovers who want to experience the tranquility and fresh mountain air. Start with a panoramic tour of San José de Maipo where you will learn the history and folklore of this area. Later, advance through the wonderful landscapes to reach the mountains, towards Embalse el Yeso, a large lake surrounded by mountains. Thanks to weather conditions, this is the ideal place for your picnic lunch. Enjoy different types of meats and drinks, a bottle of wine shared to toast is also included. After enjoying more of the views, return to the city, appreciating the natural beauty of this place. The Cajon del Maipo is located next to the Andes Mountains and is the beginning of the "Volcano" road to "El Yeso". On the path of the volcano, see many small towns such as Las Vertientes, El Canelo, El Manzano, San José de Maipo, El Melocoton, San Alfonso, to name a few. In these small towns, people try to escape the busy streets and the constant noise of the city to live a country life near the mountains. Later pass the Tinoco Tunnel which has a special history and is very interesting to learn. After the last visit, start the direct path to the "Plaster Reservoir" on a dirt road. Spend about 40 minutes admiring the wonderful views of the Andes. Then, stop at the reservoir to see the beautiful views of the place and start preparing for a picnic consisting of a variety of products with many different flavors, plus a bottle of wine to share.

Maipo Vineyards Full-Day Tour
Taste the best versions of Maipo valley wines visiting two remarkable wineries in the region. Enjoy award winning wines nestled between beautiful landscapes of the Andean mountains and the central mountains. Visit wine cellars and discover the process of wine making, guided by local experts who will share the secrets about the production. On this tour lunch is included to please your senses and combine delicious traditional meals with best local wines. We’ll pass through the incredible landscapes of the Maipo Valley to vineyards with their own unique character. We will stop at one of the restaurants of the Maipo Valley area, where you will indulge in an appetizer, juices or drinks, a main course, reserve wine, accompaniments, salads, and dessert.

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